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At Right Pedal, building is in our DNA and  thus  we envision a future that allows us to build across  a  spectrum of industries; established, emerging and yet-to-be invented.  The Right Pedal Factory’s (“The Factory”) mission is to build high quality, solutions-oriented companies. We form world class products by harnessing the talents of proven operators, domain experts and high caliber technologists. The Factory is not a destination for these businesses but rather the place to build for the future.  

We are not just an incubator,  we are there at inception and though the entire race to the finish line.


The lack of investment in the financial services have created a massive opportunity for startups to solve critical problems in the market using the best technologies available today. Financial markets are expansive and complex and carrying a massive amount of technical debt but also high hopes for change.  

This has created an opportunity for practical innovators to modernize archaic, entrenched systems while also creating the foundation for the next wave of financial innovation. We are racing here.  

Right Pedal LendOS is a big idea whose time has come. We are building a modern, SaaS smart contract digital platform to modernize the syndicated and commercial lending process to maximize our customer's revenues, increase their profitability and allow for massive scale. We are unlocking the vision and strategies of our customers.


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Who we invest in

At Right Pedal, our first priority is to work with good people who understand that leading isn’t just walking in front of others. We look for people who are curious, who imagine how things could be and who look at a problem and say, “I can fix that.”

What we invest in

Right Pedal’s current investment cycle focuses heavily on FinTech companies, with a focus on private markets. These firms are generally early in their journey (ideation through Series A) and purpose-driven to transform structural and technological deficiencies in their target area.

Our portfolio companies are typically addressing the challenges of asset discovery, liquidity or accessibility, through a variety of solutions types and delivery models.

Our portfolio has a great group of founders and ideas in the lending, trading and alternative investment world. We are extremely proud of the people and the impact to the world that they are making.

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