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The Starting Line

Hi network, hope you are well and, with so much going on in the world, I hope you're still able to find some time to think about trips, family fun, weekend getaways, engaging activities and everything that comes with summertime. We all need it.

As my summer starts, I have family visiting soon and will, of course, do the customary fun activities you do when you're in Florida... pool, theme parks, beach, cocktails with small umbrellas in them, etc. But in addition to the fun stuff, this summer will also be the official start, at least publicly, of an idea that is some time in the making. It's called Right Pedal.

Over the past two years, I've had the privilege of advising startups and founders, most of them operating in markets that were new to me. This was both challenging and taxing... yet extremely rewarding. Aside from the way in which these experiences made me stretch professionally, it also had another effect; it grew my appreciation for what I'd learned from my past experiences. So much of what I held to be normal, everyday knowledge was anything but... it was so much more.

Right Pedal is an idea that originated from seeing how difficult it is for many founders to navigate ideation, funding, market dynamics, staffing, mentorship and technology. It's a firm founded by builders for builders. Through various engagement models we advise builders, invest in builders and, of course, build ourselves.

In the coming days, my partner Steve and I, along with our growing team, will release more and more information about Right Pedal. We'll announce joiners, partnerships, investments, new companies and products. Engage with us! Visit our LinkedIn account, follow us, send us a message, visit our website or all of the above :)

We are super excited to connect with you and build together.


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