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Right Pedal at the Miami F1

Hot in Miami!

The Right Pedal team enjoyed the HOT Miami sun and watched as some of the best racers in this world showcased their team efforts, technology & tactics on display. It was a great event to be at with all these amazing athletes showcasing what they're made off - not only physically but also mentally!

Knowing that formula one racing is a sport driven by the systematic use of speed and power, our founders felt it to be an ideal way for us to attend this race. This feeling has only grown stronger as we've learned more about what each race entails-from how fast they can go down narrow roads or over large distances without losing sight contact with your opponent -to why fans love watching these races so much even if their outcomes aren't always decided until toward its end .

It's not surprising then when you hear people say "formula" belongs in everyday life: It reminds us who are really capable of achieving true excellence.